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Sailfish predictive keyboard

Sailfish predictive keyboard based on Presage framework. This project tracks the releases of Maliit keyboard plugin and Presage fork as done in https://github.com/sailfish-keyboard . 

For those wishing to use these packages:

* enable repository for your architecture (for example http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/rinigus:/keyboard/sailfish_latest_armv7hl/)

* install keyboard-presage-en or any other available language (see  http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/rinigus:/keyboard/sailfish_latest_armv7hl/noarch/ for list)

During installation of the keyboard, Presage language support and maliit-plugin-presage packages should be pulled as well.

Note that, at the time of writing (Feb 18 2018), this plugin version is incompatible with the version released earlier at OpenRepos. Please uninstall OpenRepos version first with all its libraries and data packages.

Bug reports (choose one repository, we'll move it if needed):

* https://github.com/sailfish-keyboard/sailfishos-presage-predictor

In the bug report, specify that you used version from this OBS.

To add new language, instructions in 

* https://github.com/sailfish-keyboard/presage/blob/master/README.md
* https://github.com/sailfish-keyboard/sailfishos-presage-predictor/blob/master/utils/keyboard/README.md

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